• Seminars

    The following is a list of our specialized seminars and presentations. Please contact Jim Sinclair in our Seattle office, Keith Hawkins in our Portland office or Garth Schaffert in our Spokane office to schedule a seminar. Our lunch and learn seminars can be held at your office or at our product showrooms. Presentations can be modified to be non-commercial “ASHRAE Compliant.”

    Designing to State Energy Code

    For Oregon and Washington 

    • 2015 WSEC – Washington State Energy Code  and 2014 OEESC – Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code
    • Overview of changes in the code revision for WA
    • Systems and Product Application



    Dedicated Outside Air System

    • Heating and cooling option
    • Heat recovery options



    How VRF works, including:

    • Product Overview
    • Technology
    • How ACI can help



    How filtration works and how to design anywhere from an office space up to a clean room

    • ASHRAE Filters
    • Proper BSL Containment Design
    • Cleanroom Design


    Chilled Beams

    How Chilled Beams work and designing with them

    • Types of Chilled Beams: Active, Passive, Sails
    • Application of Chilled Beams
    • Maintaining ASHRAE STD 55 Compliance
    • Selection Software


    Custom AHU’s, Fan Arrays, Custom DX and Pump Skids

    Product application and range of capabilities

    • Custom Capabilites
    • Mechanical Penthouses
    • Custom DX
    • Packaged, Split Systems and Cooling Equipment



    Types of fans and how to properly select

    • Demonstrate fan selection program.
    • New design features.
    • Fan finishes and coatings.
    • Fan selection.
    • Fan sound and sound ratings
    • Fan system effects


    Fabric Air Dispersion Systems

    Applications in Gyms, Pools, Industrial, Libraries and Common Areas

    • Installation methods.
    • How to design a fabric duct system.


    Fire/Smoke Dampers

    How Fire Dampers, Radiation Dampers & Fire/Smoke Dampers Work

    • Floor/Ceiling construction requirements.
    • How to write a specification.
    • UBC 713.10&11. Where are dampers required?
    • Special application requirements.
    • New design features.


    Overhead Air Distribution

    How Diffusers Work

    • Sidewall vs. Ceiling diffusers vs. Linear Diffusers
    • How to read manufacturer’s catalog data
    • How to place diffusers in the room for maximum benefit
    • Effects of variable volume with ADPI