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    In Memory of Bob Lowe

    The ACI/Air Commodities Family has lost a dear member of our family and we would like to to extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Bob managed our Medford, OR store in the early 2000’s. Bob was close to our family and from his son’s kind words it is apparent we were close to his.

    Dear ACI,

    I wanted to drop you a line, to express that my Mom and I very much appreciate how well you treated Bob Sr. over the years. My Dad worked for some less than stellar characters over the years (my opinion) & I know for a very long time he was searching for an employment fit that suited him. I can say without question, that he found that in you & Air Commodities. For that, he was thankful.

    Sr. and I most often did our talking on the river, chasing trout. Not a trip went by after his start with Air Commodities, that he didn’t bring up how happy he was. He had nothing but good things say. Often times he mentioned how he’d wished he had come into the company, gone to work for you many years earlier. For a son, that was wonderful to hear. I knew he was happy, felt appreciated, felt respected. It meant the world to him.

    All of the above mentioned was terrific enough. What most impresses is that you stuck with him throughout all the years of illness. That support alone added time to his life. For that I am certain. Your acts of loyalty, support & kindness to my Father say a tremendous amount about what kind of man you are. Bob Sr. thought the world of you & I can clearly understand why.

    I hope this finds you well.

    Bob Jr.

    In Memory of Rob Lowe

    Loren Cook Factory Trip

    Loren Cook and ACI sponsored a factory trip for several engineers and contractors to Springfield, MO this past spring. This event was an opportunity for our guests to see the factory, learn the ins and outs of fans and their principles, and to do a side-by-side comparison of multiple products.

    Loren Cook Citation IV

    Cook’s Citation IV. The only way to travel with guests.

    Loren Cook Products

    Featured Loren Cook products in the show room in Springfield, MO.


    Hands Displays

    A view of the hands displays in the Learning Center.


    Pure Tone Sound Lab

    Cook’s Pure Tone qualified sound lab.


    Featured Loren Cook Products

    Featured Loren Cook Products in the Springfield showroom.